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 The Genealogical Society of India and It's Diaspora

We are a society that consists of unpaid volunteers with a common interest in family history related to the Indian Subcontinent who seek to assist one another find, catalogue, and share records and resources. The photo above is from one of the first events we held as a society.

We are organized as a 501(c)3 Non-profit corporation in the United States of America.

Our Mission:

The Society aids individuals in the Indian subcontinent in discovering their ancestors and expanding their family tree, as well as helping members of the Diaspora link to the Indian Subcontinent and their ancestors.

Geeta & Vin Naidu

Geeta & Vin Naidu are the founders of the Society. Their desire to make the Society happen has been born out of their own efforts to find their ancestors and trace them back to the Indian Subcontinent. They are currently living and working in India, finding ways to help more people.


Mark & Deanna Warden

Mark Warden currently serves as the President of the Society. His mother lived in the Indian subcontinent prior to partition. He loves all things from the region and looks forward to connecting with like minded people and assisting them in their family history journey.

Deanna Warden is a special advisor to the Society and is a semi-pro at family history.

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